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Stop Kelloggs Axing Ricicles! Stop Kelloggs from taking sugar out of the cereal we love!!

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Kelloggs is trying to take away one of the UK's best cereals and demote others by either reducing sugar quantity or altering the ingredients.

Ricicles is one of the UK's best cereal breakfast treats that has been around for years. To axe it now is not fair for many children and adults who enjoy it.

If we let them take Ricicles, it won't stop there. They're changing the sugar quantity  and ingredients of Coco Pops and they might axe Frosties and other favorite breakfast treats next. We cannot let that happen.

Most of us who grew up eating Kellogg's cereals from the 90s love and still like to divulge in the breakfast treat to this day, do you seriously want to never eat this cereal ever again?

The company Kelloggs is trying to ban our favorite cereals and force us to eat healthier against our wills. But we don't have to take it. By signing this petition, we can get our right back and continue enjoying Ricicles as a breakfast treat.

Sign this petition if you want the right to eat what you want for breakfast.                   Sign this petition if you enjoy Ricicles and Coco Pops etc and want to continue enjoying them in the mornings. Act now before it's too late!

We can make a difference if we speak up now.


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