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Remove Rabbits From Unhealthy Housing & Neglectful Owners!

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Eight Flemish giant rabbits are being forced to live in wire bottom, rusty, small cages that are outside exposing them to extreme temperatures.  (In Murfreesboro, TN)

The owners of the rabbits have been gently educated, but choose to provide the rabbits with improper care still. Timothy grass is an essential part of their diet and crucial for proper gastrointestinal functioning. The only food offered to these rabbits are pellets, which is not healthy for them. The water bowls all have green algae growing in them from lack of cleaning.  The surrounding area is covered in feces and soil wood shavings. The owners have moved to a different home and for over a month, these rabbits have been living on unsupervised property. Some of the rabbits have wounds that need to be cared for. 

Rutherford county PAWS was notified twice about this situation, and they visited the scene. However, the rabbits are still living in these awful conditions. Something must be done to save them!


Pleaae sign to ask PAWS to confinscate them and put them into a healthier environment. 

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