Save Ford Hall at Rutgers University

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Ford  Hall at Rutgers University was designed by one of America’s greatest architects, Bertram Goodhue. Rutgers prides itself on its long history, and yet the administration plans to demolish Ford Hall, the university’s second oldest dormitory. Opened in 1914, its artistic integrity is beyond question. The dormitory was continuously occupied for nearly a century.  

Ford Hall is located on an important corner at the center of campus, where it carries the human scale and historic atmosphere of the academic quad from Voorhees Mall over to bustling College Avenue. With its elegant red bricks and delicate classical details, the colonial revival Ford Hall set a high standard for architecture at Rutgers-New Brunswick for decades afterward. 

The administration has decided it would be “cost prohibitive” to adaptively re-use Ford Hall given the small number of users the building could eventually accommodate.

This is an unacceptable outcome for an historic building on a college campus, especially considering there is room for an addition on the back of Ford Hall.

Its demolition must not be allowed to happen!

We are aggressively dedicated to the preservation of Bertram Goodhue’s Ford Hall at Rutgers.

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