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Petition for Convenience Store on Douglass Campus

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The Douglass Governing Council, along with the larger Douglass Residential College community, is fighting to provide an accessible and affordable convenience store to service the students of Douglass campus.

It is necessary that we, the students of Douglass Residential College, have access to both nutritional and affordable food options on campus. We propose the addition of a convenience store and alternative food varieties on the Douglass Campus. Cook/Douglass is the only campus at Rutgers- New Brunswick that does not have a convenience store. This means that we lack the same accessibility to important resources such as, hygienic products, electronic supplies, office supplies, and food. Furthermore, this campus has a distinct lack of food. On weekdays, all food options except for Red Pine Pizza close by 8:00pm, and after 10:00pm there are no available dining services. This problem becomes even more severe on weekends when the few food options available, close earlier and no take-out options are provided across any of the dining services available on campus. As the students of Douglass Residential College, it is imperative for us to join together and incite change on our campus. In order to better service the needs of all residents on campus, we propose an easy-to-access convenience store in a central and convenient location. We propose the following solutions to address the lack of resources and dining options:

  1. Convenience Store: an accessible store located on the first floor of the Douglass Student Center, at the unused Community Officer's office. We believe the space would be better utilized as a convenience store to help address the needs of all Douglass students, as it is ideally located near study spaces, the commuter's lounge and the rest of campus life.
  2. Food Trucks: Increasing the presence of food trucks on campus, especially after services such as the Neilson Dining Hall and other restaurants close, would tremendously help students who are out late studying, participating in clubs, or are commuters. We propose the food trucks be located near both Cabaret Theater and the Biel Road bus stop, as both locations are centrally located near residential halls and classrooms on Douglass.
  3. Hours of Operation - Douglass Cafe: The hours of operation at the Douglass Cafe should be lengthened, especially on the weekend, when they close at 4:00pm. All other food options on other campuses sometimes extend all the way until midnight. Thus, we propose at least a two-hour extension for both weekdays and weekends. 

These proposals would infinitely benefit the students of Douglass and would provide necessary resources which are lacking on this campus. We believe the addition of a convenience store would not only have tremendous benefits for the students on campus, but would also prove to be a sustainable investment, as it would serve the needs of Douglass students for years to come.

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