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Remove nazi and extremist official from his position.

"Who are we and where do we head toward?" is the title of the article (〈=hy) which is an interview of an official from RAU, Vachagan Vahradian. Some of the ideas he expressed in the interview include this:

He called EUROPE a PUDDLE. Direct quotation from him: "They force us to leave our highest values and to go into the puddle which is called Europe".

He is not happy with the victory of Armenian representative in Eurovision for children and says that his song was no different from that of the Belgian and the Norwegian. "No difference, it was the same African American rhytm". He is unhappy that the song was not presentable. And he adds: "As a matter of fact, I think that every Armenian male child is a potential genius". 

 He also says that "If a woman brings children up in a right way, then the female child shall grow up to be a mother of a family and the male child shall be brought up as a decision maker and a fighter against the outer world in every level. This is the right upbringing".

His fantasy, demagogy and latent homophobia are unbelievable: "I will not be surprised, if they show on television tommorow how a grandmother falls in love with the daughter of her granddaughter and claims homosexual love".

Africans are OK with cannibalism, he says: "Cannibalism is the ordinary thing for Africans, for Americans another thing is [ordinary]; let them live with what they have, that is their problem".

Armenia is the cradle of civilization, and "It is not only me to say it, but many say so, including some foreign researchers".

Apart from stating that Armenia is the cradle of civilization, he says that Armenians are individualists and every Armenian feels as if he's a king. He says that: "When Jews came out of Egypt (and of slavery) and came to Palestine, Amaleks were already living there that were so good in their business - trade and crafts - that they would not accept Jews and the Jews became their foes. Now we read Jewish scientists that claim that it is Armenians who were called Amaleks. And what does the word Amalek mean? It turns out that Amalek means a people of kings... It is to say that the Jews had noticed that every Armenian thought of himself as a king and a king means a decision maker."

Speaking of democracy, he stands for the idea that: "...only an individual that can think can be a decision maker. Whereas the idea of the leader stands first in the gray mass. For instance, in Turkic tribes the word of the leader is the law, because they do not know to think. This comes from the structure of their brain, our brain is constructed in another way..."

"...we shall think and act in our way; this is the precondition of prosperity. Even if you live with bad financial conditions, you are prosperous, if you are free in your decision-making. To be prosperous does not mean to be rich. No slave, as a matter of fact, was hungry. To be prosperous is when one may decide for himself and to be a head for his family."

Thus, this man has advertised misogyny, disrespect toward Europe, Nazism among other things. And he works in a university. Imagine how many students can be poisoned with all this!

Aren't these type of people those to inspire others like Anders Breivik?

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