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Stand as the face of the "None of the Above" Party in the run-up to the 2015 general election.

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If you haven't yet seen Russell Brand's highly-entertaining-yet-stirring interview with Jeremy Paxman from Wednesday 23rd October's Newsnight, check it out before you do anything else. If you can not stream video, the BBC news article is here. Oh, and read his New Statesman article on revolution here.


Russell Brand: "I've never voted, never will"

Having been invited to interview in response to the announcement of him being appointed as guest editor for this week's edition of the well-respected political magazine 'The New Statesman', one particularly bold point emerged when Russell told Paxman that he has never voted in a political election and nor does he intend to. Far from allowing this to be considered a a demonstration of apathy, he continued to defend his active decision to not participate in a system he feels does not have the potential of providing representation of the nation's interests.

This is clearly a feeling shared by many politically aware individuals across the country and is therefore a voice that needs to be heard. Firstly, can we give thanks to Russell for now raising this to a level of recognition as a legitimate take on our country's political system.


What is this 'None of the Above' party business then?

Given his stance on legitimate voter-apathy, along with his trademark passion, intellect and cultural status, Russell Brand would be the ideal figurehead for the long-demanded, often mentioned in jest, "None of the Above" political party. This is an idea which was popularised in the 1985 Richard Prior film, Brewster's Millions, where as part of a mayoral election, the disenfranchised cityfolk were able to vote for Richard Prior's character, Brewster, and his farcical protest party "None of the Above".

So why hasn't this happened in real life politics you ask? The simple answer to that is: it bloody has! Those are three randomly selected articles from the first page of googling, but if you want a more comprehensive explanation of the ins, outs and variations on the idea, you're best checking the Wikipedia page here.

There are Facebook groups and petitions already campaigning for the introduction of a None of the Above option in the UK. You may like to have a look at some of them and get involved where possible.


So what's the idea in this case?

What we are looking for Russell to provide exposure for is a "None of the Above" party with two missions:

1. In the run up to the General Election, campaign for a permenent change to the voting system to include a None of the Above option on ballot papers.

2. If this is unsuccessful in being achieved within a reasonable amount of time before the 2015 GE, to organsise "None of the Above" candidates in as many consituencies as possible, across the UK.

In case you were wondering, these candidates will not represent any political views whatsoever - not even the introduction of None of the Above as a standard option in future elections. They will simply be serving as justification for an option on the ballot sheet. If they are elected, they will step down, in order to give the effect of a genuine None of the Above option.


Why is this important?

The facility to be able to have your vote counted as one which has been recieved yet not assigned to a candidate who has the intention to actually govern would be a HUGE win for the general public (call us the plebs, the 99%, whatever you will).

Imagine if even one seat in the next election was left to a 'None of the Above' candidate. Imagine the message we would be sending. Politics in this country NEEDS TO CHANGE. We will use the system they have rigged in their favour more effectively than they had anticipated and we are finally going to force cause for actual, proportional acknowledgement of the majority's genuine interests.


Finally, a message to Russell, himself

Hi! Hope you're well. Look, let's cut to the chase: we all know you're a busy man, but we also know you care about what you've talked about here. No one is asking you to be a political leader, instead we need an image; a Brand if you will (such wordplay, you must be proud).

If we can get 10 000 signatures on this petition, will you agree to serve as the official speaker and media representative for this movement towards the 2015 general election?

Other people can take care of the admin, online duties, fundraising - if and when it becomes necessarry (just enough to actually pay to stand in each constituancy); all you need to do is continue being you and speak up for the cause where possible.


So what do you reckon, people? Russell? Can we get something going here? Or are we going to leave this as a nice viral video to look back at and say, "Oh...yes...that was an opportunity there, wasn't it...bollocks..."?

No more bollocks. No more excuses. Let's give this bullsh*t democracy the middle finger it deserves.

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