NSWRL to stop labelling John Hopoate as the ultimate bad boy of Rugby League!

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This petition is for the NSWRL Conduct Review Panel to consider and review the recently imposed extreme and unfair ten year ban on Mr. John Hopoate, and to apply a more appropriate penalty that would fit the incident and not the person.

Mr. John Hopoate is a devoted father of eleven children and Grandfather to three. He has dedicated a large part of his life to Rugby League as well as his family. John has reached the highest levels of the sport in his own right and has made many positive contributions both on and off the field. 

The media has largely portrayed a negative image of John. He no longer has any anonymity even after years of retirement from first grade. He has been defined by the NRL and the media as a 'bad boy'. When the media has labeled him as being a bad boy of NRL, everyone else that had dealt with him previously have developed unfortunately a preconceived idea of the person he is and we need to change this.

With your support, we want to stop any direct or indirect discrimination by any party, including the NRL and the Media, in relation to Mr. John Hopoate.   

Help us get the attention of the NSWRL Conduct Review Panel. Ensuring that the NSWRL reassess John Hopoate's case and for John to be treated fairly.