Save Neighbours from being axed.

Save Neighbours from being axed.

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Started by Ann Burke

After nearly four decades on our screen it's come to are attention that Neighbours is to be axed. The iconic Aussie soap will come to and end in August according to news papers and Channel 5.

A source told the outlet that the cast and crew have not been told about the decision, but will be devastated. Neighbours has been a big party of a lot of people's lives, as they grew up watching it.

They added  " Channel 5 pay Fremantle Australia millions of pounds every year, and sadly there's a shortfall of about £5 in what it brings back in through advertising. 

According to are sources it's been reported that RTE are in talks with Fremantle regarding the situation, in a hope that they can come to an arrangement to stop Neighbours from being axed. 

Many fan's across the world have taken to social media platforms, to highlight their concerns and have been left devastated upon hearing this news. 

Neighbours will air it's final episode on August 3rd, just three years short of it's 40th anniversary. 


824 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!