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Make desecrating of UK national flags a criminal offence.

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Many people in Britain feel very offended when our national flags are burnt or desecrated by protesters. It must not be tolerated.

They are national symbols, representing our country, heritage and our way of life.

Certain people believe they can do this and there will be no consequences.

In 2006, 17 MPs signed a House of Commons motion calling for legislation against this which was overturned by government.

The proposal followed growing anxiety within Scotland Yard that police are being hamstrung in attempts to deal with extremists.

In the 10 years since 2006, incidence of Flag desecration have increased and the police, powerless to act have to stand by and watch as our national flags are intentionally destroyed, damaged or mutilated in public by protesters and extremists.

The desecration of our flags inflames anger when there appears to be no redress. Such actions in a public place not only offend; in some instances, they incite racial hatred and can lead to violence.

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