STOP the Endeavour replica coming to Aotearoa.

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Aotearoa New Zealand has a racism problem. 

The very roots of racism in Aotearoa begin with the arrival of James Cook, who arrived here in 1769 and claimed land under orders of the British Crown. 

As recorded by Cook and his crew, they shot at, maimed, and killed Māori in Tūranganui a Kiwa, Heretaunga, Whakaari, Ahuahu, Te Whānganui a Hei, Te Tai Tokerau, and Totaranui. Further killings and torture happened across Te Moananui a Kiwa.

This began a history of British supremacy over the lands, and bodies, of Māori that still exists to this very day. Around the world, colonial supremacy is upheld through the use of statues, plaques, memorials, place names and public events, which all function to socialise colonial supremacy.

In Aotearoa, colonial supremacy has resulted in the centering of white colonial views , which has led to the continual rights violations of both Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous peoples. It has also led to the denial of human and civil rights for Pacific and communities of colour in Aotearoa. The arrival of the Endeavour is not merely a historic event, it is a painful inception of colonial entitlement that we still experience today. We experience it in the continued loss of lands, in the degradation of our culture, heritage and reo, in the denial of effective healthcare or housing, and in the taking of our children from our homes. 

The discussions we have ahead of us as a nation require honesty, compassion and sensitivity. For many communities - the return of the Endeavour is anything but healing - it is hurtful, unsafe and unnecessary. It creates contexts for re-entrenching hurtful colonial fictions that underpin racism in Aotearoa. It forces us to relive painful events in a way that will not always lead to healing. It wrongfully equates British imperial expansion with Polynesian navigation in a way that avoids the harmful impacts of imperial expansion in Aotearoa and the Pacific.

Most concerning, there are white supremacist groups in Aotearoa that see the return of the Endeavour replica, and the anniversary re-enactments, as political dog-whistles to reiterate their supremacy, and this creates an unsafe space for our whānau and tamariki Māori. 

The return of the Endeavour is unnecessary. It is a careless use of millions of dollars, and sends the wrong signal about where we are at, where we should be, and where we want to be in our journey towards racial justice in Aotearoa.

We the undersigned call upon you to cancel the 2019 Endeavour replica tour around Aotearoa New Zealand. 

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