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Make Whipping Illegal

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Governments as well as individuals should be subject to the provisions of The Representation of the People Act, 1983 

A person is guilty of undue influence if they directly or indirectly make use of or threaten to make use of force, violence or restraint, or inflict or threaten to inflict injury, damage or harm in order to induce or compel that person to vote or refrain from voting.

It is outrageous that in the 21st century, coercion, blackmail and bribery (aka whipping) are used by the government to override the voting intentions of our elected representatives.

Democracy demands that our elected representatives are not "whipped" to vote against their conscience simply to preserve party political interests.

This petition was rejected by with the explanation that "Whipping is a matter for political parties and not HM Government." (

Sign this petition now if you disagree and think that the Representation of The People Act should be updated to Make Whipping Illegal

The crime of whipping should be known as "Perverting the Course of Democracy"

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