Expose masonic corruption in UK courts

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I, like others, have suffered severe injustice out of the UK courts.

Judges have made decisions clearly against the rule of law, the facts and the evidence.

One clear reason for this, I believe, is the corruption that exists in respect to some judges and their masonic associations with either the 'other-side' and/or their legal representatives or appeal judges protecting their fellow masonic judges by failing to over-turn clearly unjust decisions.

The situation is clearly perverse and results in the courts themselves perverting the course of justice by abusing their position of authority and power.

It is of course a clear conflict of interest that should be disclosed in an alleged fair and transparent court. Accordingly the situation breeches Human Rights law. Additionally the masonic vow to do no harm to a fellow mason conflicts with the judicial oath of impartiality and independence. The two are entirely and patently incompatible with a transparent and independent judiciary.

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw did do something about this in 1998, making all new judges register their masonic associations, clearly based upon the very real concerns that exist. Following threats by the United Grand Masonic Lodge, he has recently succumbed to the mafia masons control over Government (and accordingly the will of the people of this country) and forced him to over-turn that decision. This situation clearly demonstrates, not only the concern that the Freemasons have  about being exposed, for obvious reasons, but the power this underworld group has over the UK Government and society. This alone should raise alarm-bells with every decent member of the UK. My reference to the 'mafia-masons', is not accidental.

Evidence to prove either masonic associations and influences is invariably difficult due to the secrecy of the Freemasons, thereby allowing injustice to be served with no chance of remedy.

Judges do not have to declare or register their masonic associations. They should be forced to do so, not only in a public register generally, but at any trial or hearing.

The current situation gives rise to an insidious and obscene scenario, which allows injustices be done to innocent parties, for doubtless some benefit to the judge and his masonic connections.

This is a cancer in any just and decent system. If the Government, and particularly the Home Secretary, do not address this matter  there can be no other conclusion that the corruption that exists in the courts also pervades the UK Government.

If you care about justice being done, and the damage injustice does to innocent victims I urge you to support this petition. If you do not either you, or someone close to you may well suffer, in the future from a failure to act now. It will be too late then. Action is needed now. 




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