Restore the crown emblem to the British pint pot.

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For more than 300 years, since 1699, the stamp of the crown on top of a pub glass ensured that it was big enough to hold a full pint. This British tradition was eradicated by the extension of the EU’s tentacles into our everyday life when the Measurement Instruments Directive (2004/22/EC) came into force in 2006 (Later superseded by MID 2014/32/EU). Since then, manufacturers have had to mark the letters "CE" on newly-made beer pint pots instead of the traditional crown emblem. The crown can no longer be placed on the glass as an indication of measurement as “the directive does not permit the use of any other marking on the measure” (Jim Fitzpatrick MP, 2007).  We call upon Rt. Hon Alok Sharma MP, in his capacity as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, to reassure that no action will be taken against any party in the UK, be it the pub industry, glass manufacturers etc. Who choose to replace the CE mark with the traditional crown emblem as a measurement symbol, the symbol of the highest authority in this country! Furthermore, we petition the above, in a gesture sure to symbolise the restoration of UK sovereignty as we finally exit the European Union, to actively endorse and encourage the restoration of the crown emblem to the British pint pot. In a similar move to the colour change in the British Passport, this simple action could have great symbolism and hearten and restore some faith in those who believe that the result of the EU referendum has somehow been watered down. It may also have the added benefit of bolstering the flagging British pub trade and glassware manufacturing in the UK.