Please RSPCA, we are begging you to put a stop to Ellenbrook backyard breeders

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We want to put a stop to a backyard breeder in Ellenbrook WA who has rabbits living in filthy putrid conditions, hutch upon hutch of bunnies used purely for breeding just so he can make a quick buck.

The baby rabbits are seen and reported being sold on Gumtree at aged 6 weeks every single cycle, they are too young to be weaned from their mother and therefore have a high risk of not making it to adulthood.

The rabbits have been reported to have coccidia, a potentially fatal condition if left untreated. I know, because I brought one of the babies home with me after seeing the absolute disgusting conditions she was living in. She was diagnosed with coccidia and to this day still has issues with her now sensitive tummy. She didn’t deserve this, she deserved better.

We need to put a stop to this backyard breeder once and for all. He has been reported multiple times to the RSPCA and nothing has been done about it to date. Well now is the time! Just check out the latest round of ads to hit gumtree and see for yourself the state of these poor rabbits.

They are dirty, sad, have long toe nails and wet feet. They look scared and sick. They deserve a life of love and warmth, with respectable human beings.

Please RSPCA, please. Don’t turn a blind eye this time.

We are begging you to stop this for good. Put an end to these animals misery. A life of continuous breeding in truly shocking conditions.