The abolishment of Greyhound racing in Western Australia

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Greyhound racing should cease in Western Australia. Australia is the world’s 3rd largest grey hound racing community, NSW being our biggest community having 34 of 77 tracks. Due the the recent ban on greyhound racing in New South Whales to be put in place on the 1st July 2017, we will loose 34 functioning tracks. The remaining 43 tracks throughout Australia are still an opportunity for owners to harm, punish and torture animals. Greyhound racing inflicts a tremendous about of harm on all animals involved with the activity. Not only do Greyhounds suffer harm other animals do as well, these animals include rabbits, possums and piglets. These animals are strapped down alive and are placed on a rotating stick that moves in circular motions allowing the dogs to chase it. Greyhounds on the other hand, are taught to be violent and aggressive towards other animals. They are poked and prodded, 5 are killed on the racetrack every week, there are reported cases of drugging and doping and finally the sport itself allows Greyhounds to injure themselves, both life threatening and recoverable. Not only is this harm horrendous it’s also against the Animal Welfare Act of Western Australia. Now that NSW has been shut down the rest of Australia should follow, starting with Western Australia. 

It’s utterly ridiculous how people believe it’s okay to inflict harm on animals for a sport. No Australian should feel the need to place money into a community that purposely harms animals, so let’s make a difference, lets ban greyhound racing in Western Australia. Help the greyhounds voice an opinion, speak for the animals that suffer, the animals that have died or the animals who carry on struggling with day-to-day activities.