stop the killing of cats

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I am starting the petition today as it brings me with great sadness what a neighbour did to two of our cats, One got shot with a pellet gun and recovered the other Trixibell died pf her wounds which consisted of two pellets one went through her kidney and shattered it the other went through her diaphragm. The neighbour told my husband around 6 months ago I am going to kill your cats keep coming into our garden my husband stated our cats did not defecates  outside as they still come home and they all do it the in the tray a cat has rights to Rome otherwise they would be made to stay in  this has caused so much stress and upset she leaves 4 babies whom we have kept. we have the x rays and the pellets i have spoken to the police and they say unless you physically saw him shot her we can not do anything we also rang the RSPCA who we did would step in as it cruelty to an animal  as she suffered for 3 days she must have been in agony she was also bleeding inside The pdsa in Wolverhampton were amazing they even tried to say her by removing her kidney but she lost to much blood and past away under the anaesthetic they tried really hard for us and did explain it was a risk to try and remover her kidney due to an infection she had also caught vile the shooting I am shocked that the RSPCA will not do anything do they not protect animals ?the police were no help sort of saying oh she's a cat what can we do well she was not just a cat she knew when I was going to have a seizure she would meow and keep putting her paw on me to lye down I have no companion who will let me know i need to lye down or feel safe its wrong he has gotten away with shoting my beautiful kitty if you are cruel  to a dog there are laws to prosicute.