Stop the buying/selling of animals via platforms such as Gum Tree and Free Ads ect..!

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Please stop the ability to buy and sell animals via online sites such as; Gum Tree and Free ads ect... often these animals are being bred for financial gain only and are not cared for properly.

Some people have a poor understanding or are purely negligent of basic animal health promotion such as in cats; recognising when they are sick, feline communicable and non communicable disease, genetics, flea ridden, worms, vaccines and neutering/spay. They do not care regarding animal welfare and instead continue to reproduce these poor animals time and time again. Putting huge strain on the female animals that are required to go through these challenging experiences of carrying baby kittens/pups and subsequent mothering thereafter. The mothers and their mates often haven’t been vaccinated or had health check ups and therefore there is risk of passing on communicable and non communicable disease to their babies and siblings. 

This all leaves people (like me) who feel guilty for these babies and want to take them on to give them a lovely life - but then we would be buying into that market... the cycle continues.


Leaving people who may be fabulous owners and would love to rescue (who may not have the deemed appropriate accommodation for rescue animals in accordance with the charity standards I.e main roads/big enough gardens - however very important for these assessments and not disputed) feeling the only way is to buy an animal online who needs a home - risky business as these animals may well be in poor health, living in poor conditions with the person advertising them for money. 

Animals do not have a voice therefore we should be responsible and advocate for them.

Having animals is not a right! It is a privilege!

They are living and breathing - they deserve to live well and be cared for free from harm and have access to vetenary care when needed. They are for life. A long time commitment.

Lets stop the buying and selling of these dear animals from idiots who do not care about their welfare. That way we irradicate this irresponsible business and focus on rescuing animals from registered charity’s or people who have a genuine reason for giving their pet up for adoption and most importantly for free. I mean how can you put a price on these gorgeous animals??

”As a footnote - fully aware there are breeders out there who are intelligent and conscientious to the needs of their animals and who act in their best interests- however noted this is rare” 

Thank you