Stop our loved foster pug from going back to her neglectful owner.

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Ruth the pug came into our family’s lives on the 8th March when we visited her in a local rescue. By the 12th March we were lucky enough to foster her. We knew when we took her on she was a tricky case as she had lack of bowel and bladder control and was unable to walk well on all 4 legs as she had an undiagnosed condition where she lacked feeling in her rear legs but had the most adorable face so me and my partner had to take her on. We thought she would live downstairs mainly due to her toilet situation but within 2 days we had adjusted our bedroom to be accident proof and now 11 weeks on Ruth has dry nights every night and sound nights sleep next to our bed. 

We have recently been told there is a possibility she will be taken from our loving home back to her owner who once had Ruth removed by the local council on behalf of the rspca and placed in rescue due to awful living conditions and a second time due to ill health. The owner has disabilities that also prevent her from giving Ruth the support she needs. Both times Ruth has been found in a state of neglect. She has been found covered in her own faeces with scabs on her body and very little muscle mass as she is kept in a crate a lot of the time, unwalked and untrained. 

In the 11 weeks we’ve had her we have built up her muscle from lots of walks on the beach and we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful rural landscape immediately outside our front door with 3 acres of grass for her to walk on so she doesn’t cut her feet open where she would drag them on pavement. Whenever we take her for walks we pick her up on areas that would cause her feet discomfort. 

The vet report from 3 days prior to fostering her said she wasn’t ambulatory for great periods of time. With us, when she is not in the comfort of her bed having cuddles she spends all her time standing on all 4 legs and she has even gained confidence to see off our 11 month Shar Pei dog when fighting over toys. They have a lovely relationship together and he has adjusted to play with her as she still doesn’t have the same strength as a dog with no disabilities.

I take her to my workplace twice a week where clients of mine have commented how she is a different dog to when they first met her as she now walks around the salon confidently despite the slippery laminate flooring. This has also improved her confidence 10 times and she is not wary with strangers.

We also feed her a diet that is freshly prepared every day from fresh meat, fish and vegetables full of supplements for her condition and also now has the softest coat imaginable for a pug and we are devastated by the idea that she will be put back in the care of someone who will let her deteriorate in every possible way. Not only is it cruel but it breaks 4 of the 5 points of the animal welfare act, the animal’s need:

  • For a suitable environment 
  • For a suitable diet
  • To be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns
  • To be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease. 

 Please sign our petition to convince the rspca to allow us to become Ruth’s lifelong family. She has such a zest for life and deserves the best life she can have. She is not even two years old yet so hopefully has a long happy life ahead.