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Shut down the abusive @pets at Melbourne Central

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The animals kept in inhumane captivity within the holding pens of @pets in Melbourne Central are not living a life that any of us would wish to live. Although many individuals in the community are aware of this neglect, including those in groups dedicated to shut down this store on social media, those who write bad reviews for this store detailing the abuse they have seen, and those who have reported this store to both Melbourne Central itself and the RSPCA.

Whilst we continue to bombard the RSPCA with anecdotal and photo evidence of neglect, the store people continue to shrug off the problem and deny the validity of our claims. 

Many have reported cats and dogs with eye infections that are so severe that the animals cannot even open their eyes. When asked if these animals were taken care of, the store worker claimed that the animal had been observed and its medical conditioned was deemed as acceptable by the RSPCA (see Alexandria Jadresic's petition, "Shut down @Pets Melbourne Central due to Animal cruelty" - go sign and share that petition, too!)

Others have reported a lack of food and water in the animals pens. This may explain why I have personally seen a puppy that was so malnourished that its ribs were clearly visible. This may also explain why every time I visit that store, the animals are never up and getting exercise. They always look so depleted of energy, and are always laying down and sleeping. This is not normal behaviour for little kittens and puppies. Kittens and puppies, when healthy, are incredibly energetic and playful, as everyone is aware.

Not only this, the animals do not appear to have any clean, soft and warm bedding as required by the Code of Practice for the Operation of Pet Shops (2005), leaving the animals laying on cut up paper which offers them little to no comfort and warmth, especially during Autumn and Winter. 

Fish have been reported as being left for dead in their bowls, with store workers shrugging and claiming that they know about this... So why did they die in the first place, and why are the store workers treating their lives with no worth or dignity?

On just the 19/05/17, I was treated with great disrespect by one of the staff working behind the desk. I was in the process of capturing photo evidence of the poor animals, when this man yelled at me, demanding that I do not take photos. Upon asking why I could not take photos, he explained that it was due to flash photography and the fact that people were taking photos of the store from outside in a discreet manner (which most likely was more people like myself who were gathering photo evidence!) However, I was not doing either of these things. I asked him how they could treat their animals so cruelly, to which he said "don't like it, get out. Report it elsewhere." 

Since the store people clearly do not want to take any responsibility for their actions, even though they have a legal obligation to take adequate care of their animals as defined in the Code of Practice for the Operation of Pet Shops (2005), myself and others have taken it upon ourselves to report this issue elsewhere in an attempt to stand up for these defenceless, innocent animals ourselves. No animal deserves to be mistreated, ever. The proprietors of this store have got a lot of owning up to do, and we can all be the ones who contribute to a better life for these animals.

Remember, report every instance of animal abuse you see to the RSPCA, and please adopt, do not buy from pet stores. Please sign and share this petition with family and friends so that they can join the fight against animal abuse.

*This image is not my own photo, as I was not able to get any effective photo evidence as of yet, retrieved from

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