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Shock/Prong Collar Promotion - Not in our country, Not in our county!

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The UK is a nation of dog lovers, we don't believe in shocking dogs and force for training. Research has shown shock collars and prongs are detrimental to your dog and to your relationship with your dog. Welfare organisations and even training organisations like the police no longer support the use of shocks to train and we don't want trainer(s) promoting these outdated, barbaric practices in our area!

This petition is for those who want to express their concern and request the cancellation on a 'dog training' seminar that is due to be held 8th-10th July at Eastbourne United at The Oval by Jeff Gellman & Sean O'Shea that promotes the use of both electric and prong collars. Many people are disgusted and believe these torture devices should NOT be used on our beloved pets. We request that this seminar does not happen anywhere in the UK but certainly not in our county! We have a large dog lover community and any decent dog lover would never approve of this happening in our town. This seminar had already been stopped from happening in other locations previously.

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