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Its about time someone showed care for the poor horses that are chained up on Rover Way in Cardiff (By the Tesco). After years of chances and neglect the Gypsies who own the horses have not changed and will never change. They continue to neglect the horses and clearly don't seem to care.

After seeing a dead horse on the side of the road all chained up, I returned twenty minutes later to double check and saw that horse had been taken away, confirming in my mind that the horse was either sick or dead. A few people I know confirmed they had seen the horse lying on the floor all day.

The horses are chained up with 1-2 foot ropes or chains that is attached to the floor. They are unable to walk more than a few steps and are left on the side of the road with no food or water. Many of them look very uncared for, some horses are so bony you can see there ribs. According to the gypsies, they have a bucket of water and food which is untrue as I have yet to see one FULL bucket of food or water available to them and I drive past nearly every day. All they have is the small amount of grass that surround them. They are neglected and used for personal profit and gain.

A quick google search about the 'horses on rover way Cardiff' reveals years of neglect with them leaving chained up horses to drown in the river being one of them and leaving a dead horse on the side of the road for days being another. There are loads of pages on reddit and other forums where people have talked about the horses and reported them to the RSPCA, yet nothing has changed and they continue to abuse the poor animals.

I urge people to drive past and see for yourself, take photos as evidence and send them to the RSPCA. Or call them yourselves on 0300 1234 999.

This must end! They don't care and wont change. They should not be aloud to own the horses any longer or indefinitely!