RSPCA - Rethink Frontline Redundancies

RSPCA - Rethink Frontline Redundancies

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The RSPCA have entered into a consultation with Unite the union about cost saving proposals that will lead to the scaling back of RSPCA front line services. As a result of the changes, there is expected to be a significant reduction in the Society's ability to respond to complaints, collections, rescues and other such calls; putting the welfare of many animals at risk. This petition is based on the argument that restructuring should not impact front line services to the extent the proposals suggest, especially when the charity is called out to ever more cases year-on-year. 

On their website (see link below) they talk about the creation of a new Animal Rescue Officer role, however, what they don't say is that this will be mainly taken by existing staff (Animal Welfare Officers) and most of the 110 Animal Collection Officers and approximately 30 Inspectors are being made redundant. 

The ACO role, as part of this proposal will no longer exist. This is the role that has a sole focus on attending and rescuing animals in distress when the public call them in.

The new (rebadged) ARO role will pick up complaint work alongside rescues and so there won't be a role that is focused on attending and rescuing animals in distress.

I am sure you'll agree, that this will have a major impact on the welfare of thousands of animals, which cannot be allowed to happen.

So please help us by saying no to this change and sign our petition.

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