Recognition that QLD Cruelty to Animal laws need to change

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Overnight a news story REF:

......on how a *person* decided that torture of a Kitten by throwing it into a hot oven, cutting off toes/claws, ripping out teeth and trying to drown it in the toilet, then throwing it into the bush. The "get out of Gaol" was that he was depressed. I'm sorry I know that we are people typically "cuddle" fuzzy animals when depressed - not attempt to murder them in an extended session.

In the QLD court of law yesterday he received a 6 month suspended sentience.

This is *not* acceptable....and I would like people to hear this story and how lax our laws really are.

Animals are not, *venting/angst* things, they are a living creature - and we know that in many texts the world over that animal torturers can lead into further criminal activities.

This sentience was *NOT* justice.