Illegalise animal testing in Australia

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Animal testing is when poisonous and toxic drugs mixed in our cosmetics, food ingredients, pesticides, e.t.c are tested on animals by poisoning, burning and killing them under atrocious conditions of laboratory cages around the world every day.

Not only is it UNETHICAL and intentionally causes these animals pain, fear and loneliness but it's UNRELIABLE AND UNNECESSARY. It may surprise you that 92 out of every 100 drugs that pass an animal, FAILS a human. So why are we abusing countless innocent animals all for the purpose of BAD SCIENCE? 

INFACT, more ethical and modern ALTERNATIVES such as human-based micro-dosing, in vitro technology have been developed YET some countries still feel the need to test eyeliners at the EXPENSE of an ANIMALS LIFE.

In Australia, it is claimed that animal testing doesn't occur HOWEVER it is not necessarily illegal and neither is the selling or importing of animal-tested products. 

SAY no to animal felony and ILLEGALISE animal testing for good. This is the first step towards ensuring other countries follow by example and we must prevent such animal cruelty in AUSTRALIA at ALL COSTS.