No more animals for baiting and stop dog fighting now!

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These are not my words but taken from a Facebook post of someone who knows more about this. I am just sick to the back teeth of the appalling treatment of animals for these practices and I know I am not alone.


Bait dogs are now being sourced from theft of family pets , to sales of breeds such as Labs and Staffies , indiscriminate breeders , backstreet breeders , all condoned and verified by our wonderful , non corrupt Kennel Club, are breeding to order , not caring where their ‘home bred , garden shed bred’ dogs are going to end up.

Low life scum are taking these dogs to the pit, there waiting for these innocent baby’s , is a drug fuelled , mentally crazed ( human abuse at its highest ) fighting dog , the pit bait dogs last literally seconds before they are mutilated .

Tens of thousand of pounds can change hands at a dog fight , and it’s now a lucrative business for the low life scum that perpetrate it .

Something official has to give , the backstreet breeders have to be targeted , and the low life scum have to be visited .

This year we hope to make a difference, I cannot watch many more of these totally innocent living things be put to sleep whilst still wagging their tails . 

(Taken from a post by another caring person)