Harder sentences and laws for Animal cruelty

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Animals have no voice 

After reading online about a dog called Bruce that was violently attacked and left for dead. 

Animals have no voice when being attacked and treat cruely. Animals need respect and loving homes. 

Tougher sentences and laws need to come into force to stop this cruelty. 

Please support just read the article on News and star about Bruce let’s give animals a voice 

Humans don’t get away with it neither should humans that inflict cruelty onto Animals. 

Animals can’t say what’s happened to them, this story is one of the cruelest and heartbreaking I have ever seen. 

Lets put this into force together and make a difference. 

Please keep sharing, get as many people behind as possible. It needs changed and thank you for your support. 

Bruce needs Justice and any other animal harmed.