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Give Missy a Chance, Save her Life

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As you maybe aware, the RSPCA showed a photograph of a poor soul that was rescued from neglect. They have spent a lot of time getting this poor soul back to health and have created a bond with her.

Due to putting weight on, the police have determined that she is of "type" and therefore she has a death sentence hanging over her head.


Due to her "type" the neglect that she suffered is no longer an issue, her "type" is. That's the focus now, which is absolutely horrific and stupid for this poor soul.

We've been trying to contact the RSPCA, our solicitors have been trying to contact them, we've tried to contact the journalist who broke the story and we have been in touch with the councillors to help us.

The councillors I have spoken to have been wonderful and are showing willing and compassion to help. We now just need the RSPCA to allow us to get an independent assessor in to see if she is "type".

Less than 12% of dogs that are typed are actually Pit Bulls but they are put to sleep because people don't challenge it. The "typing" is based on one persons quick assessment from the police and they are not trained officials with that but they have that horrible job.

Now, the RSPCA are faced with a situation like Francis and someone who has bonded with Missy and treated her and brought her back to health may now have to effectively kill her. That is not fair on Missy and not fair on that poor person.

Please sign so the RSPCA will allow us access to Missy and get an independent assessor in to challenge this "typing" of her.

All we want to do is give Missy a chance and try and save her life. 


She has done nothing wrong







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