Animals have emotions. Theresa May does not.

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It has recently been decided by the British parliament that animals (besides humans of course), are incapable of feeling any emotion or pain. This decision was made despite there being significant scientific proof that they do indeed feel both emotion and pain, and in some cases more than humans. It seems that the only person/people who don't feel any emotions has got to be Theresa May and her followers. She'll be taking mothers away from their babies, signing the death sentences of so many animals and for what? So someone can have a bit of fun and feel like a warrior by killing a defenseless animal?

No matter who you are you must've been affected or had a relationship with an animal or have a favourite animal, whether that be a dog, a fox or a tiger. If you care about the wildlife and the innocent lives of peaceful creatures who simply want to live their lives freely and safely, then please sign this petition and prove to the heartless people who are running this country that they can't allow selfish, evil people to do more harm to this planet and all of its inhabitants than they already are.

If we don't do anything to help them, no one will.

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