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Feral cats are the norm on farms. They keep down the rodents and that's great! However, many farms are the reason for colony's. Colony's don't always stay on farms. They move on. They breed prolifically and more often than not are imbred. Kittens suffer and adult cats become poorly, having to keep up with their young and constant pregnancies. Cats are pregnant again before they've finished nursing a litter. It's hard work and it can make them very poorly. The majority of farm cats have kittens with cat flu. Farmers sell them on or give them away with the flu. These kittens become poorly. If they aren't given to good homes they die! If farmers are to keep feral cats atleast keep them so they are fit, healthy and aren't bringing kittens into the world who suffer? Many charities help work neutering of feral cats, there's no need for all the feral kittens born to die. 

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