Petition for a Royal Commission into ABC misuse of funds for purposes of pushing an agenda

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The ABC is a broadcasting agency funded almost exclusively by the Australian Federal Government and as an extension the tax payers of Australia receiving over 1 billion dollars in funding in 2018-2019.

The ABC prides itself as "Australia's leading source of information and entertainment" with its productions ranging from news to children shows. One of these productions includes ABC ME "a digital and broadcast service for Australian children" (taken from the YouTube channels own description).

Prior to the 8th of March 2018 most of the content on this channel revolved around school children and while still containing a strong left leaning message did not contain any overtly "social justice" like content. However as mentioned on the 8/3/2018 the channel uploaded a video titled: "What it's like: to be queer". While it is important for children to be educated on such matters as sexuality this kind of content is not appropriate for a tax payer funded organisation to be creating. On 25/3/2018 another video was uploaded titled: "What its like: to be transgender". Unlike sexuality the subject of gender identity is not something that is appropriate for children as supported by the scientific literature on the subject with 2/3 of children desisting in adolescence ( and certainly not appropriate material to be produced by a tax payer funded organisation. Finally and most recently after removing their Facebook page due the backlash caused, a video titled "The Privilege Bridge" was uploaded to Youtube on the 28/3/2018. In the video the audience is led to believe that because "Ross"is born a white male he is given a free pass in life and is able to teleport, as it were, across a river while "Stevie" a refugee must swim while in ill health. Now while its obvious a person born in a better country than someone who is not will have more advantages, the implication that a persons success is determined by skin colour and gender all the while dismissing his achievements to get to his position in a meritocracy like Australia is both racist and sexist. 

This is a very clear attempt to push Marxist propaganda onto the children of Australia and is in violation of Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983 (Part 2, 8.1.c) "to ensure that the gathering and presentation by the Corporation of news and information is accurate and impartial according to the recognized standards of objective journalism;"

It is for this reason I ask you to sign this petition in an effort to begin a Royal Commission into the misuse of funds by the ABC for the purposes of creating and promoting propaganda.