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PLEASE READ: independent account from a witness at the trial! Unaffiliated with Mr Daniel Doherty other than a concerned client.


This Vetinary surgeon is an Amazing caring surgeon! He saved my dog from being PTS as a small puppy, and gave me 3 good years with him! Mr Daniel Doherty is Caring, compassionate, and he has time for all the animals he sees, he was targeted because he doesn't believe in ripping off the paying customer! 

He managed to save my Ralphie when I thought there was nothing anyone could do, every other vet was saying put him down, chop off his leg, but Daniel Doherty, sat down with me, took the time to look at my Ralphie, he talked me through the options, not the the other places that just wanted 3k and that was to chop his leg off! Daniel Doherty spent the time working out a way to save Ralphie's leg, he managed to give him a great life, even if it wasn't as long as we wanted. He cared enough to try, rather than just putting him down or chopping off his leg at 5 months old, plus he didn't charge me anywhere near 3k! The man is amazing! 

He charges a reasonable price, he doesn't charge thousands and thousands for everything like some vets do, he tries to be realistic, which is why he's not only a great vet, but he's human, and he's a good man! 

I for one will not stop using him, luckily I don't have to go to the vet very often but if I do, I will certainly go back there! This will definitely not stop me going there! People bring pets into the surgery! The vet does not go out and home visit, you can not be expected to know what is behind closed doors at someone's home. 

The courts even said they have used the vets meticulous records to put the puppy farmers behind bars and without those records, they couldn't have done that! A man doing wrong wouldn't have kept those records! 

You can not hold someone accountable for something they do not know is going on out of sight. 

There are so many people who stand by this man, I totally trust him with my pets, and I wouldn't take my animals anywhere else. 

Stop making this man into a something he's not. Let Daniel Doherty go about his work and leave him to be the excellent vetinary surgeon that he is! Stop making him into a scapegoat, There were OTHER vets that vaccinated the puppies too, yet why are they not being made an example of?? 

Support Daniel Doherty of 24/7 Vets. 

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