Let’s make the 50 cent piece part of our everyday change!

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Too much change is a problem we can all relate to. Something costs $1.05, and when paying with a $2 coin we receive an annoying handful of change back. Why do we have to carry around so much change when the $0.50 actually exists? Why is this coin not being used every day?

Well first of all, many machines aren’t designed to accept them (yet), but as we all know, when the Toronto parking metres were forced to adjust themselves (to the new weight of Toonies & Loonies), they did! So why do we need to carry around a handful of quarters when there’s always been an option to carry less 50 Cent Pieces? 

The answer is popularity. They aren’t being requested by banks from the mint because the people aren’t requesting them from the banks. Because they aren’t the norm.

I want to see this change. It’s time that our change changes! We’ve gotten better over recent years by eliminating that pesky penny, so why are we still being weighed down by so many quarters when the 50 cent piece is a reality? 

Lets make the 50 Cent Piece a common, everyday part of our change. If we do it here then maybe our friends south of us will follow suit. Help me to regularize the Canadian 50 Cent Piece!! ✊�

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