Royal Albert Hall: let your staff have a real union

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Despite having over 400 employees, the Royal Albert Hall does not recognise a union for collective bargaining.

Despite those same employees asking regularly and repeatedly since 2014 for the RAH to recognise a union, nothing has changed.

Despite having a formal ballot through ACAS which resulted in a 52% vote in favour of recognising a union, nothing has changed. The Hall rejected the democratic vote. According to ACAS, such a rejection is unprecendented: management broke their promise to abide by a majority of votes cast.

Despite a whole new petition asking for a union in 2017, management is still saying NO. They are doing NOTHING to respect the wishes of their employees.

If a 52% majority of votes is enough for the government to enact Brexit, why is it not good enough for the Royal Albert Hall management to recognise a union? They should respect the will of their staff.

Having a recognised union benefits staff enormously: it helps employees' concerns be taken more seriously, gives them more of a say over contract changes, and gives them independent guidance and support. Companies with good relationships with trade unions have better motivated staff, lower turnover, and higher morale. They also have better pay and working conditions.


Significant figures in entertainment are joining the call for the Royal Albert Hall to recognise a real union for their staff: Mark Thomas - comedian, presenter, and journalist - says:

“Everyone has the right to a union and, in the end, the Royal Albert Hall will acknowledge that and actually come to boast of their recognition of the union in their PR. The only question is, how much goodwill are they prepared to lose before they do?”


Royal Albert Hall: if you truly care about your employees, if you really are a charity, why not give them the care that they are asking for and let BECTU be their union?