Save The Roxy Theater!

Save The Roxy Theater!

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Thank you for following the link to our petition.

There is a new proposal for a multiplex cinema to be built in the Shoalhaven - details can be found in the council document, reached via these links: (website) (document)

*Some specific pages to refer to include pg. 5, 7 & 72:

Page 5

5. Development opportunities- notably a DDS and a state-of-the-art Multiplex cinema in the Nowra CBD - need to be promoted. (These developments would encourage the further transition of the CBD as a social destination and a place to visit and not just a needs-based destination or service centre);

Page 7 

4. Enabling a Discount Department Store in the CBD and Cinema That Council undertake a review of the development potential of the three (3) key sites in its ownership within the commercial core to facilitate the development of a DDS as a priority as part of optimising the primacy of the CBD. 

That Council initiate development promotion opportunities for a Multiplex cinema in the Nowra CBD – (for which there is adequate population catchment) and plan for a related precinct of restaurants, cafes etc.;

Page 72

Nowra needs to substantially upgrade its cinema offer in terms of scale and quality and we are informed by the operators that the market exists to do it. The existing facility has adapted to an expanded format in a building that was not designed for such an outcome and so in comparison to similar facilities in the wider region its quality and presentation is not ideal. However, the nature of cinema operations is mostly respectful of existing facilities and so this would largely prevent Nowra from upgrading or developing a modern facility on a new site in the CBD as a component of a wider food and entertainment story (unless the existing operator could exit gracefully). The other issue is that despite Council investment in Berry Street public realm in and around the cinema, there is little response in terms of an evolved wider bar/restaurant precinct. This is likely in part due to the poor quality of buildings opposite the cinema and the regional weakness of the cinema itself.


We are encouraging supporters to write an objection, directly to council. You can contact them via this link - and by making a submission, have your say about the plans to erect a second cinema complex in our local area:

This proposed development of a second cinema complex within the Shoalhaven threatens to drive out the family-owned Roxy Theatre, who have dedicated themselves to serving the best movie titles to the local area since 1975. The Roxy Theatre building has also been an historic icon on the South Coast since its opening in 1935.

If The Roxy Theatre goes out of business to a new multiplex, the  building will become vacant and most-likely dilapidated from neglect over time - The Roxy Theatre will cease to exist. The building is a purpose-built cinema, which cannot be restructured to suit other business needs, due to its heritage-listed status. We cannot let this happen to one of Shoalhaven's most iconic structures, which has only recently been revitalised to it's best presentation yet within the last year.

Under the 10,000-population-per-screen measurement used by cinema exhibitors and movie distributors, The Roxy Theatre is more than capable of supplying the local area's population with the best entertainment with its 5 existing screens. There are also plans underway to make Roxy Theatre customer experience even MORE enjoyable, with expansions soon to come. A second cinema complex is NOT what the Shoalhaven community needs, and being driven out of business is NOT what an iconic family-owned & operated business needs.

There are many alternative forms of recreation that the Shoalhaven Council can consider in its developments - and in doing so, offer a greater variety of reasons to visit and enjoy Nowra. We feel it is important to explore other avenues and activities to offer locals and non-locals within the Shoalhaven.

If the council believe that an increase in cinema attendance is the only way local patronage can be enhanced, let us work together to create the BEST possible expansions to the existing cinema organisation. Destroying a local business and rebuilding another in their own image with advice from out-of-town consultants is absolutely not how a council should manage its local area.

We are asking anyone who has visited The Roxy Theatre over the years, to assist us in preventing a second cinema complex from opening minutes away from our own. We as much as anyone, thoroughly love the Roxy Theatre for it's years of offering great movies, great memories and as a central icon in our hometown. We cannot allow our cinema to cease to exist and become another vacant building.

Please sign our petition and write an objection to the council to show your support, and feel free to email or message us with any questions you have. We have loved being an integral part of the Shoalhaven for many years, and hope to continue to serve you for many years to come.

Thank you for your time & responses,

Roxy Theatre owners, managers, staff & families

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!