Do not change school boundaries for Frederiksen Elementary

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Dublin School Board of Trustees is going to change the boundary for Frederiksen Elementary School. As a result of this – Current transit communities of Eclipse, Avalon, Elan, Esprit and Tribeca will be assigned Murray elementary from school year 2018. Fredriksen which is the current home school for these transit communities is already too far at 2.4 - 2.7 miles compared to the geographically closest school - Dougherty. Murray elementary is further away at 3.5-4.0 miles depending on which route is taken. This decision unfairly penalizes residents of these communities as it flat out breaks the fundamental school design elements like neighborhood, safety, community, reduced traffic, etc. Children as little as 5 year old will be subject to unwarranted commuting stress because of heavy traffic in the mornings while going to school. Parents will have difficulty finding after school care and might also not be able to volunteer in school activities due to these long driving distances. Most of the families in these communities are young with infant children. Making everyone from these communities drive everyday back and forth from Murray is difficult for parents which include but not limited to pregnant mothers, mothers with infant children, parents commuting far off etc.

Two important citations here:

1/ At the board meeting on December 5 - Mr. Dan Cunningham sided with the proposal to move these transit communities to Murray citing that Murray is a small school and will remain small school if more students are not sent there. This is not a good or valid reason to unfairly punish little children and their parents. Transit communities close to East Dublin BART station should be assigned James Dougherty Elementary since this school is closer. Most residents use BART for commute & it is inconvenient to drive so far to drop off elementary school going children. Student safety, commute time and traffic congestion was completely ignored in moving these communities to Murray. We request the board of trustees to either make adjustments to the school attendance area of Dougherty elementary or keep the school boundary for Fredriksen elementary as it is.

2/ At the same board meeting on December 5 – Members of the boundary committee accepted that unfair justice has been done to these communities and the concern has been heard, yet the issue has not been addressed. Also one unconvincing point reasoned was that since the kids in these communities are already used to commuting (because of not allocating the closest school) to Fredriksen – it is OK okay to let them drive little extra further. This seems to be very unfair. Murray is a great school with fantastic teachers & if we were to be close to Murray we should have been super excited to go to Murray. But given the parameters we can’t change like geography, school design, no school public commute (Like in states like TX) etc. the safety of kids and best utilization of their times takes precedence. We kindly request the board to re- consider the current versions to accommodate this request.

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