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Rotten Tomatoes: Shut Down Idiots

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Because apparently you can now start petitions for simply not liking people's opinions, I guess. If you could remove every moron on the internet, that would be great. Maybe start with people who think your website is somehow biased against DC movies, and isn't an aggregate that collects various opinions from different critics to make up a sum total?

Like, they are aware that Warner Bros actually OWNS Rotten Tomatoes, right? So, like, they want their own production company to fail? What?

Please get rid of the whiny moron crybabies who aren't aware that people can dislike movies they like. It's amazing what a difference in opinion can do.

P.S. Batman v Superman sucks. (I don't know if Suicide Squad does, but I have not seen it yet) Trust me, if I was being paid by Disney to think this, I'd be doing something with my millions instead of writing a petition as bullshit as your ones because my disdain for Zack Snyder's work can sustain energy in impoverished nations.

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