Take down the "NAME" of the channel : CFC FAN TV

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CFC FAN TV is a youtube channel that uses the Chelsea fans' name to expand their platform. They promote themselves by speaking on behalf of all Chelsea fans and benefit from it without actually respecting the fans.

They insulted fans that had different opinions , they responded in degrading ways to fans that are unable to attend games due to multiple factors such as locations, financial status and much more .They had arrogant and undermining statement towards the fans and everything stated is with supporting evidence : CFC FAN TV twitter account is filled in with examples here's one : https://twitter.com/cfc_fantv/status/1107705008093650950

While we are allowed to have different opinions it is unacceptable to use the name of the whole fanbase without respecting it by having bullying tendencies toward some fans that had a different takes on certain subjects. At the end of the day without us fans  world-wide this channel would be nonexistent .

Chelsea Football Club's identity is based on acceptance, diversity and having an open mind. If they want to proceed with their social media platform they should therefore rename the chanel as CFC Rory Sophie Charlie TV because it reflects only their personal opinions and not the entire CFC Fanbase. Using the name of the fans comes with a responsibility that they failed to respect.