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Sanction the Republican National Committee (RNC)

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) which has been happily accepting donations from everyday Americans for decades and has shown in the last election (especially) that it is determined to completely ignore the Republican voter in favor of the big money donors, the lobbyists, special interests, and the cronies who all become wealthier, but deny the voice of the people who demand issues to be resolved through legislation.

The RNC has demonstrated a complete lack of interest in passing bills supported by the American people and therefore, have stated that they are at the beck and call of big business, big money and big profit, rather than big unity within the party.  The Establishment continues to scoff at the Trump administration's efforts to keep its promises, those that were made and readily accepted by the RNC at a time when THEY were asking for party unity.

The time has come to hold them to their oath to us.  While we may not have any influence in the Committee, we certainly have the ability to influence their flow of finances.

We are proposing the imposition of sanctions against the RNC until they begin actually behaving like True Republicans.  We, as the True Republicans, will hold the RNC accountable by standing firm on these sanctions in the following ways:

1.  Supporting only those candidates who run against the RNC-endorsed Establishment
2.  Withholding all donations to the RNC
3.  Refuting all bogus reports by the RNC that bash President Trump or his supporters
4.  Boycotting all companies who donate to the RNC (someone get started on that list right away)
5.  Getting involved personally in running for office in your town, county or state to replace RNC Establishment
6.  Becoming a community organizer in your area against the RNC Establishment
7.  Holding all local RNC Establishment hacks accountable for their promises

When the RNC begins directing its Congressional members (i.e., any politician benefitting from the treasure coffers of the Committee) to put their laws where their mouths are, and begin actually PASSING legislation that upholds the values and ethics of the True Republican voter, then (and only then) will the sanctions be lifted, with the caveat that they can be re-imposed at any time if the Party abandons its stated mission.

God Bless America!

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