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Throw out HB 1891 & 1824

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House Bill 1891 targets massage therapists, geologists, private investigators, landscape architects, barbers, cosmetologists, embalmers, athletic agents, pro sport agents, interior designers and private investigators. 

A person [to] may practice the occupation of a barber in this state, [unless he or she shall have first obtained] without a license, [as provided in this chapter]; except that, any person not licensed as a barber in this state shall not be permitted to hold himself out as a licensed barber or advertise as a licensed barber. Any person who violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a class C misdemeanor.

This applies to all the fields specified above. Not only does this affect those in these fields and careers but it affects the general public! No matter what field is licensed, those working in it had to have gone through some training or schooling in order to apply for a license. They must pass some sort of test This is crucial because it weeds out those who don't take their license seriously and doesn't allow people who are out of practice to just pick up where they left off.

In the Cosmetology field, we have to maintain our education and sanitation practices. We pride ourselves on giving our guests the best experience that includes safety! Unlicensed persons may not know what chemicals can react with products or how to perform tasks safely. 

House Bill 1824 is a "sister bill" to HB 1891. It doesn't target a particular licensed field. This is extremely bad because if passed, ALL persons licensed in Missouri, no matter what their field they're in, will be dropped.

Both of these bills, if passed, would allow everyone and anyone to practice and work in whatever field they wish without the education or experience to back them up. Please help spread the word, sign the petition and help keep Missouri's licensed citizens licensed. Thank you!


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