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No Paul On Ticket = No GOP Vote in November

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Send the GOP Establishment A Message:

We the following Ron Paul supporters are outraged at the treatment of the Ron Paul candidacy by both the GOP establishment at the local, state and national level as well as the actions by the main street press and the establishment media. The dirty tricks and anti Paul tactics by the establishment as well as the contemptible treatment of Ron Paul on the national debates with very limited and prejudiced questions as well as a press blackout of coverage during much of the campaign is intolerable in a democratic and free society.

For this reason, we below resolve that  should Ron Paul not win the GOP Presidential nomination, unless either Ron Paul or Rand Paul are nominated as the Vice Presidential candidate on the GOP ticket this November, our 15% plus of the GOP electorate will not vote for the GOP at the national level. Many of us may not vote at all, others may vote third party, or if we vote we will write in Ron Paul for President as a protest against the sham two-party monopoly that controls our nation thus making real change impossible.

We will no longer vote for the lessor of two evils nor forget your treatment of the Ron Paul Campaign or your shameful slander against us, his supporters. We are young, intelligent and Internet and social media savvy and we will not forget your actions against us in the political process.

Finally we are outraged at your lack of concern about the fiat dollar, the Federal Reserve, permanent wars and lack of opportunity due to the exploding national debt that you are placing on future generations.

We won’t be fooled again!

No Paul = No Vote In November

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