Lee Constantine MUST RESIGN!

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In early February, a yet to be named college student who interned for Seminole County Commissioner Lee Constantine's non-profit Charity Challenge, detailed extensive sexual harassment by the longtime politician against her during an event last March.

According to a report from WFTV, the young female student has written a letter to the Seminole County Commission detailing the alleged sexual assault by Constantine.

"She said that she and Constantine were setting up for an event at Camping World Stadium in May when he touched her while she was on the phone.

"He placed both of his hands on my shoulders and started massaging them," she said in the letter.

She said he also played with her hair."

The inappropriate touching included erotic massages, tickling from behind, and the Commissioner playing with the young women's hair. According to a letter sent by the intern to the Seminole County Commission, the Commissioner's lewd behavior occurred during a late spring event.

"I had my back turned towards the stage as I stood on the pool ladder and held the hose. Commissioner Constantine snuck up behind me and grabbed my sides, tickling them."

You can read the full report from local news station WFTV by clicking here.

Stop Sexual Assault CFL, an anonymous group of sexual assault survivors and victims, is calling on Commissioner Lee Constantine to resign his position, effective immediately.

In the era of #MeToo, we know have a case of #LeeToo in Central Florida. We have far too many competent citizens willing to serve in elected office to continue to allow Mr. Constantine to be one of our representatives, especially considering the recent allegations against him.

Why let an accused sexual abuser remain in power... when a citizen without blemish could serve the public's needs without a trail of sexual assault?

The fact that he roved around the event space and visited the victim on multiple occasions in an effort to objectify and victimize her sexually is proof positive that Constantine is no longer fit to serve in public office.

We hereby call on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners, and the residents of Seminole County to demand an investigation into similar allegations against Mr. Constantine and deliver justice for the citizens of Central Florida.

No justice... no peace. Lee Constantine MUST RESIGN. #LeeToo