ASDA stop contract 6.

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Mr Burnley,

Currently ASDA make over 21 million a year. 

Many of its loyal hardworking personnel are directly responsible for netting this for ASDA. In response ASDA have completely ignored itspersonnel consistently for years but we've still stuck around.

While at Christmas we've seen advertisements that ASDA support fight hunger but in reality it's own employees are going to food banks to try and live and survive and we've stuck around. While you drive around in a nice posh car and own posh suits we scrimp and scrape with old bangers and a cheap alternative.  We've had tiny pay rises mostly below inflation and you've found ways of putting it back in your pocket by cutting hours.

Your mission is to be the most trusted retailer and over the years all you've proved is your untrustworthy. 

We've been shown year after year you Mr Burnley could not care less about us. 

You propose

1.leaving 3000 supermarket staff short-changed.

2.An end to paid breaks, simplified terms and increasing basic pay to £9p/hr

3.2700 staff will lose up to £500 per year, with a further 300 harder hit

Will you put an end to this none sense and actually give us a worthwhile contract so that we  can all be truly proud of working for ASDA?