Provide Kroger Associates With Good Health Care Coverage

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For 2018, Kroger decided to change the benefits package for Kroger employees. They chose a cheaper package for them, less choices in medical care for us. Most associates were not aware of this change and found out when their insurance was rejected from their regular doctor's office. Many are forced to find a new provider within the new network. Most of the new doctors have a wait time of at least a month or two since so many people are having to switch. The plans provided are also high deductible plans as they have been for years, but now with less choice in where medical care can be received. These are the associates who take care of their customers day in and day out, sacrifice their body from being on their feet laboring all day and sacrifice weekends, evenings and holidays away from their children and families for this company. Most associates cannot even afford the cost of living based on the wages they are paid. It seems year after year, Kroger continues to make decisions that take away from the associates and line the CEO's pockets a little more. It is absolutely sickening that this company with such a good reputation is turning and doing such sneaky things to save a buck here and there and the associates have to pay for it. Kroger needs to understand that medical care is such a personal thing and once anyone finds a doctor they trust, they should not have to change! Help tell Kroger and King Soopers to treat their employees right and give them back some decent benefits! Businesses big or small need to take care of the people who take care of them. 

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