The Rhino Tank Needs A Custom Variant Or Buff In Grand Theft Auto V Online

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The Rhino Tank has been in the GTA Series for years, and in GTA 5 this thing is designed to be a main battle tank. Back in the day the Rhino Tank took around 11 RPGs in front to destroy it and around 28 homing missiles like the insurgent. Back in the day people complained it was overpowered because no one had the weapons and vehicles to fight against these tanks, but now we got hydras, oppressors, savages, homing launchers, hunters, buying weapons through the interaction menu, and more things to fight off a Rhino Tank with that type of armor. I think now with the day and age GTA 5 Online is at now with all these powerful weapons and vehicles, its time to give the Rhino Tank a custom variant. We should be able to drive our Rhino Tank in our facility or some new property and have the ability to upgrade to a rhino tank custom and this variant should cost around 2-3 million dollars to obtain this variant, this variant should give the Rhino Tank Armor that's a little tougher then the insurgent pick up custom, so this Rhino Tank should take around 11 RPGs and 30 Homing Rockets. We should also get very expensive customizations like a long range tank cannon that does not explode in mid air and have the same range as the avenger cannon, this cannon should cost 1.5 million dollars, we should also have the ability to buy a coaxial gun for the driver to use which should cost around 900k. We should also have the ability to add 15 anti air missiles that has similar tracking to the Stromberg missiles these missiles should cost 1 million $ to have, we should also get a working 50 cal on top for a passenger to use, and we should have the ability to buy a front wedge on it similar to the phantom wedge but a lot smaller.

The Rhino Tank is based off a main battle tank, no way it should be worse then a light tank, LAPV, and a APC in terms of armor.