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Please Make an Official Robust Mod SDK for GTA V

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   Even without a proper SDK, the GTA games have some of the biggest modding communities in gaming. In wake of the recent delay of the PC release to March, I am pleading for you to take the extra time to develop an Official & Robust Mod SDK for GTA V with included source code for both the campaign & multiplayer modes, even if it takes yet another delay for it to occur. Let the community create total conversion mods that completely revamp the gameplay & story. Let the community create mech suit mods ala F.E.A.R. 2/Shogo/TitanFall/Mechwarrior/Hawken. Let the community revamp the melee combat to function more like the Arkham/Bayonetta series & The Matrix: Path of Neo in third person & Zeno Clash mixed with Condemned: Criminal Orgins in first person. Let the community create a gore/dismemberment mod comparable to Postal 2: AWIP/Soldier of Fortune, Dualwielding any weapon ala Max Payne 3(with the killcam function, might I add), an x-ray mechanic mod featured in the Sniper Elite series & a bullet-time function reminiscent of the original F.E.A.R, among many, many other ideas. This, & much more will be much more feasible in the short term if you take the time to create said SDK. & to those eagerly anticipating the PC release of GTA V, I hope you consider signing this petition. Thank you all very much for your time. 

Regards, Glutko Industries Incorporated

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