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Help make our characters our own!

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It's been four years since Grand Theft Auto V came out. During that time there have been roughly 30 DLC packs filled with items ranging from weapons to clothing to vehicles and more.

That's awesome! We all enjoy the DLC's you put out. The issue is, and continues to be, the fact that the clothing is repetitive and does not reflect what we have been asking you for. This petition will address both male and female character customization, which includes clothing, accessories and hairstyles.

A lot of people that play this game (male and female) do not see the practicality in dressing in a bikini and heels (or something similar) to run around the map engaging in shoot-outs, nor do they have the desire to dress in baggy camoflage outfits.

What is desired are items of clothing that are practical yet also stylish. Which for a lot of females also means feminine. For a long time we've been asking for clothing items like you see every day on the female NPC's that walk around in the game. More variety and less bulky, cookie cutter clothing that a lot of the time looks like it's meant for a male character.

Another thing that would be great is a better choice of necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Long chains, short chains, chokers, shorter strands of pearls, different pendants in both silver and gold. Thinner, stackable bracelets in different colors. Smaller earrings, not gaudy hoops.

The hairstyles for females, while admittedly creative, are outdated, unflattering and need to be changed. Longer hairstyles would be nice, better layered cuts, pigtails, a single braid, better updo's, that sort of thing.

For the male characters, not all men like camo, either. Or skinny jeans. Or super baggy clothes. I hope you are starting to get the point.

I know a lot of male players that want better hairstyles as well, more facial hair options including fuller beards and moustaches.

I also think we can all agree that we want the ability to put more clothing combinations together. Please loosen the compatibility restrictions!

We would like more clothing items to be compatible with other items. For example, being able to wear leggings underneath a skirt, being able to wear a piece of jewelry with a certain top, being able to wear a bracelet AND a necklace AND earrings, regardless of which accessory it may be, or which clothing item it is with.

The gangsta types got their DLC.

The executives got their DLC.

The bikers got their DLC.

In the interest of diversity and fairness, don't you think it's time to step away from the cookie cutter and update and improve the appearance choices of both males AND females? This petition is to implore you to listen to the voices of the people that have faithfully supported your games over the years. This petition only touches on a few of the suggestions and concerns of your fan base. Character customization is just that - being able to customize your character from a wide variety of options, not just settle for the same thing everyone else wears.

Thank you for reading.

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