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More Hairstyles for Male and Female Characters in GTA V

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Millions of people play Grand Theft Auto V, and most of them like their character to appear similar to themselves. It makes sense, I mean who wouldn't want to be inside a video game, right?

But some features aren't available that are common in real life. And as a community of different types of people, we can support this petition so we could all have a little bit more of ourselves in the game. Sign this petition now if you want to make an improvement in Grand Theft Auto V.


Rockstar Games, 

we are signing this petition as a community and would like to request that,     

Rockstar Games

brings more Hairstyles and Hair Accessories into the game. It doesn't seem fair or equal to other players. And as a worldwide online community, we feel that appearances are an important part of GTA Online and ourselves. It's what makes us different from each other. Please consider this. 

         -GTA V Community

Examples of new game content we would like to see in the future.

  • Longer Hair (straight, wavy and dreaded)
  • Longer Beards and Goatees
  • Afros (More Styles)
  • Fades (More Styles)
  • Hair Designs
  • More Hair Colors
  • More Hair Accessories
  • And other popular hairstyles

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