GTA San Andreas Movie - #RockstarAccepts

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Hello dear reader, I've started this petition so that Rockstar Games and Rockstar North once and for all to initiate a new project, large screen, which will earn more on big screen in games with great stories and sequels already armed in different sagas of GTA, the most promising is GTA San Andreas, a great story, a great game, great characterslinks, dramas, outcomes, action, and much more, I hope that this request gets to the hands of Rockstar Games Inc.

I think that it can turn a total of 180 degrees for the company, they would win millions and us would leave amazed all who have followed the saga of GTA and the millions of fans who are faithful to GTA San Andreas, you and many more people, with a click and share on social networks can only make this to form a reality, on a project for Rockstar Games.