Buff The B11 Strikeforce | Gta 5 Online

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This petition is to buff the B11 Strikeforce cannon in GTA V, I understand the point of trying to balance this cannon but this aircraft is base on the A10 Thunderbolt II AKA A10 Warthog. This plane is built around its gun which is the GAU-8 Avenger, this gun is meant to shoot 30x173mm bullets and have a fire rate of 3,800-4,200 Rpm. Now lets compare this to the F16 which is the P996 Lazer, the F16 gun is a M61 Vulcan which shoots 20x102mm bullets with a fire rate of 6,000-6,200 Rpm.

In my opinion Rockstar Games done a very good job with this plane, it handles very good, looks great, and have good weapons options. The main issue with this thing is the cannon blast radius and range. Just like I mention earlier this plane is built around its gun, this gun should be better then what it is.

Changes Needed:  1st. This cannon needs a bigger blast radius, no way the Lazer and Hydra cannons should have a bigger blast radius then this, the blast radius on the B11 STRIKEFORCE cannon should be the same as the Lazer & Hydra or a little bigger. 

2nd. The range of this cannon should be a little bit longer.

3rd. Completely get rid of that weak minigun sound it has to it and make it all BRRRT.

4th. Make this cannon a one shot kill against anyone it hits on foot, lets be real here, if a player can't survive a bullet from the lazer or hydra then no way it should be able to survive the B11 STRIKEFORCE CANNON.


In my opinion this won't make it Overpowered because you would still need a lot more accuracy then the hydra and lazer to hit your target cause the B11 STRIKEFORCE CANNON HAS A LOW FIRE RATE.