Bring Back Modding To The GTA Community

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Recently, Take-Two Interactive has taken down a few GTA 5 mod menu's. These include D3sk1ng, Elusive, and supposedly Epsilon. The modder community is affected by this for multiple reasons, which you can almost tell instantly (us not having our unlimited money which is VERY hard to earn, or our rank). We all understand the troll options should probably be taken away under certain circumstances, letting us really have all the options we originally had, but having no troll options at all. We understand that you guys don't want any form of modding in any of your games at all, but not all modders are bad. Just a few days ago, I was helping a few friends on GTA make some money because of how hard it is to make money... I was just dropping them a few million dollars and then out of nowhere, hundreds of cargo planes just spawn all over us for no apparent reason. These are the kinds of things we should remove, not everything that helps us... For all of these reasons, I (and the whole community of these subject menus that have been taken down), request you revoke the C&D, and let us have our menus back, as long as they promise to NOT have any troll options like other certain mod menus! These mod menus are also some peoples only source of income, and if they don't have it, they don't have income. So whatever you do, please fulfill our dreams inside this petition, and let us all be in a big family of love between legit players, and modders (helpers), not a family of hate between trollers, and legit players.

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